Not your average cancer story: Hollywood Hills resident shares her “Breast Choice”

You know you’ve seen them before.  Heck, they practically have their own genre: “cancer stories”.  A mom, or perhaps a teenager, faces a devastating diagnosis and proceeds through the five stages of grief before finding peace and teaching us all timeless spiritual truths.  It’s as old as Brian’s Song, The Bucket List, The Fault in our Stars, Love Story, The Doctor, and Sweet […]

Broward PBA president borrows dirty tactics from defunct law firm playbook to target Hollywood Police Chief

Hollywood Police Chief Frank Fernandez   You’ve probably never heard of Lackie, Dammier & MCGill, a now-defunct Orange County California law firm. If you have, it’s probably from a scandal over police unions. City officials from several cities held a press conference and reported how their cities’ police unions intimidated council members, had them followed, […]