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“Help!  I’m not getting any calls!”  It’s a common cry I hear from time to time from newer accounts and while it breaks my heart because of course, I care, I am less and less inclined to bend over backward to meet expectations of our advertisers’ phone ringing.

I could go on and on about “the art and science of marketing and advertising,” to address this concern, but I won’t here.  The one point I will make is that if you are interested in measuring calls, it’s important to set up call tracking numbers in your ad.

If we are operating first under the premise that advertising works, we can move on to discuss the dynamics between publication and advertiser as I see them.

Simply put, I cannot promise your phone will ring if you advertise in the Hollywood Gazette.  Be skeptical if anyone makes you that promise.

My job as the publisher is to make a publication that is as engaging and interesting to the community as my creativity allows for.

The landscape of print and digital media is changing rapidly and audience attention spans are shorter and shorter so the challenge for me is to be as relevant as possible and still maintain our position of connecting and inspiring our community.  That is my passion and what I am good at.

I consider my advertisers guests at a swanky cocktail party in a publication that showcases the best the community has to offer month after month.  I hope that my guests have a lovely time and I can promise they will be in good company, but the outcome of your appearance at the party is largely up to you.

Are you new in town?  Are you well-put-together, friendly and approachable? And most importantly, why would someone want to be friends with you?  Like in the dating world, it takes a little time for people to get to know you, trust you and open up their hearts and wallets.

If you’re considering advertising in any local publication consider that your presence is appreciated and seen as a contributing member of the community alongside other local business owners who understand that it’s important for folks to feel connected, informed and proud for communities to thrive.

Whether you have come in for one month or advertised for over a decade, your support is directly linked to the success of this city.   And if you’ve never advertised with us before, I am officially inviting you to the party.


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