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The Electrician’s Daughter

very first Hollywood art purchase was a necklace I bought from Lisa Zomaro (the
Electrician’s Daughter) at PRL.

is a master of re-claimed materials—bullet-shell casings, electrical copper
wire, mechanical components et al. Lisa often combines crystals, leather and
antlers (naturally shed of course) to her pieces creating a scintillating mélange.

recently took the whole repurposing proposition to new heights as she was very
much instrumental in the relocation operation of displaced turtles at the Hillcrest
Golf Course.

artist spotted turtles desperately trying to crawl out of the construction
quagmire, got involved in the rescue and posted it on Facebook. Florida Fish
and Wild Life got involved and Channel Ten news quickly picked up the story
adding it to their feature on the constructions threat to Burrow Owls.

can drop in to PRL and see Lisa’s works (Tuesday and Fridays after 5pm) and
while you’re there you can toast her triumphant turtle operation!


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