REM Master

I’m fond of referring to Mexican born author/artist Maria Palomino as
“Bisagra.” The word translated to English means Hinge—as on a door—“something
that connects linked objects”—a tool needed for crossing the transom—from one
side to the other…

Maria is a dreamer—literally—but more often than not hers are dark, foreboding

The nightmarish romps began in her childhood and Maria recalled for me some
especially impressionable imagery from her youth. In one a child is pounding on
her bedroom door—accompanied by a chilling, endless scream. In others, she has awkward
confrontations with demons…

It was five-years ago, however, that these vivid visions started to shake
Maria into an awareness of their premonitory potential. She dreamt of her
father’s death the night before his unexpected passing. It happened again the
night before her Godfather died and most recently prior to her brother’s
untimely and tragic death.

Maria has recently published an intensely personal book “Trapped in Two
Worlds: My Darkest Dreams” which chronicles her nightmarish narratives. Maria
is no student of Jungian psychology—in other words she doesn’t interpret the
dreams, rather she relates them, as they unfold, in the first-person.

What makes Maria’s book even more compelling is the fact that she is also
the illustrator. A student of Hollywood Artist in Residence Larry Joe Miller
(Maria quaintly refers to Larry as “Teacher”); her artwork is best described as
naïve and quite apropos to the mystical, magical dark tales she shares.

Support a local artist—purchase this book: “Trapped in Two Worlds: My
Darkest Dreams” Available at: amazon.com or ebooks.com 


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