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The Artist & The Hot Dog Guy

Paola Gallardo (she’s exhibited world-wide) arrived in South Florida in
2000—settling in Doral. It wasn’t long after that she discovered Hollywood.

who came to Florida after years of living in Madrid, was instantly charmed by
Hollywood’s European vibe. “I was taken by Hollywood’s architecture—the fact
that it was a walk-about-town gave it a thoroughly distinctive European flair.

2006 I moved to Hollywood and sensing the towns emerging artistic potential, I
quickly went about attempting to establish a foothold.

remember meeting with the powers-that-be in Young Circle and beseeching them to
open the vibrant space to artists. With a great deal of diligence, I ultimately
become the first artist to be granted a vendors permit and I began to show my
work in the Park (there were two others—the hotdog guy and the lemonade guy).

that period I was also performing live painting sessions at a few local restaurants
(the Greek Joint is the only one still in business).

with little support and even less foot-traffic, I eventually folded up the tent
and retired to the privacy of my own space—creating art and exhibiting
throughout South Florida.”

recently discovered the newly opened Art N Form Gallery through a get-together
via the Hollywood Art Meetup group—she found herself a home!

is something of a Hollywood art scene evangelist—participating in art festivals
from Naples to Coconut Grove and spreading the good word of the flourishing
Hollywood scene.

sense Hollywood is on the cusp of a breakthrough—the shell is cracking—art is
emerging and I’m happy to be part of the process.”

You can view Paola’s works at the Art N Form Gallery
(120 S. 20th Avenue between Hollywood Blvd. and Harrison) or log on
to: http://paolagallardoart.com


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