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Hollywood’s Film Festival Rolls in February!

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The 3rd Annual Hollywood Florida Film Festival will premiere on February 7th and run through February 11th.

With hundreds of entries submitted by an international selection of film-makers, this year’s version is looking to break-out big time.

“While we pool globally, receiving and viewing hundreds upon hundreds of submissions, we are committed to showcasing as many local filmmakers as possible,” Minh Collins (co-founder of the HFFF) said.

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Minh hails from the other Hollywood—California, that is, where he has established himself as a producer/director. This year he’s spent a huge amount of time in So Cal.

“I live in Hollywood and I love Hollywood — Florida that is. But the epicenter of filmmaking is still out west and I’m currently directing an action-thriller, ‘Asphalt Jungle.’ It’s an exciting project starring two-time Oscar nominee Bruce Dern.”

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But that’s not what has Minh excited these days; instead it’s the upcoming film festival.

“Every year my partner Simona Muresan and I step it up. Our goal is to bring to Hollywood the elegance and élan of the motion picture industry.

“This year’s opening and closing events will take place at the newly minted Hyde Resort Hollywood. If you haven’t been, you must—this is a sophisticated beach-retreat and we’re honored they’ve welcomed our festival with open arms.”

Something fans, devotees and newbies can look forward to this year is a chic fashion show, to be held at the Hyde, which (rumor has it) will be hosted by male models and beauty queens…

Gout de Diamants (the million-dollar Champagne) is onboard to sponsor the festival for the second straight year. And local film premiere venues such as the Tavern (the old Hemingway’s), La Vendetta, Bistro 1902 and other fabulous spaces are slated to participate.



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