Hollywood Hills High School students who want to pursue a career in the computer industry are gaining valuable hands-on experience in the Advanced Placement Computer Science Application class taught by Jeff Freeman. They are learning to write code in Java.

“Learning Java is like learning another language. It has grammar and syntax,” said Freeman.

Freeman knows that every student needs to learn about computers to be ready for the 21st century workforce. “It is like years ago when people where moving from agricultural work to industrial work. Now young people must understand coding and computers to be able to compete in the job market,” he stated.

Many high schools students love to work on computers and want to develop coding skills. The students in the AP class can become industry certified in Java Script by passing tests to show basic skills which will qualify them for entry level jobs in the field.

Said student Farrah Hasan, “I think there is a good future in coding.”

Jeff Freeman’s students are ready for the future.