It was a great night of fun, food and entertainment as the Hollywood Hills High School community presented the Black History Month Family Night Multicultural Show in mid-February.  The event included music and dance presentations from a wide variety of cultures and experiences. But first up was food from different nations representing the origins of students, teachers and administrators, who, along with parents,  had an opportunity to socialize and spend time together while tasting all the treats.   Then came the entertainment.  Students dressed in attire from many nations gave a welcome, followed by the Hollywood Hills Spartan Pride Band performing a medley of international songs. There was a Chinese song and a presentation of the song “Drinking Gourd,” and a variety of global dance performances. Members of the U.S. military gave inspirational speeches.  Top athlete Holly Neher spoke, as did Kelsey Haynes, the valedictorian of the senior class. School principal Lourdes Gonzalez, the principal of Hollywood Hills was pleased to see students and members of the community coming together to have a good time. “It is amazing to see so many cultures and people from the community getting together. It shows that even though we have our differences, we are a family,” she said. Those who came enjoyed the presentations and the opportunity to participate in a fun social event.