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Valery Lenti-Navarro of SBHS Reporting in Live from the March For Our Lives….

Val and her friend John Reis after the March


Over one million kids from different parts of the world all united as one to join the March For Our Lives on Saturday, March 24.  The streets of Washington DC were flooded with eager teens ready to change the world.

Heartfelt speeches by the survivors of Stoneman Douglas shooting and teens from communities who suffer from gun violence daily brought tears to the eyes of everyone who attended.  My favorite speech was one from the granddaughter of Martin Luther King — she has a dream that enough is enough.

I wanted to attend the March to make my voice heard but didn’t have the funds to make the trip, so I made a GoFundMe to send my friend and me to DC. Our GoFundMe made just enough money to get us round trip tickets and a place to stay. We flew to DC early on the day of the March and returned on Sunday night. The atmosphere in DC was incredible and I felt surrounded by people who wanted to accomplish the same thing I did.

I met so many inspirational kids who came from all parts of the country, even becoming friends with girls from Boston and Chicago who came all the way to DC to join the movement. Listening to their stories and seeing them protest was one of the biggest motivations for us. We’re here in DC to fight for stricter gun laws, we’re here because we don’t feel safe in our schools anymore. I shouldn’t be scared to go to school because I’m not sure if I’ll make it home for dinner.

We hope to show our elected officials that we aren’t going to let this slide, we aren’t going to sit around and let this happen again to another community.

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Valery Lenti-Navarro
Valery Lenti-Navarro
I’m Valery Lenti-Navarro I go to South Broward and I’m a sophomore, I’m 15 (16 in may!) I grew up in Queens NY and moved to Hollywood when I was in 4th grade. My favorite subjects are English and journalism and I want to study journalism or communications when I finish high school. My family’s from Peru and I’m first-generation born in America.



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