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New LGBTQ Council Launches in Hollywood: ‘Shaping the Vision for a Vibrant and Inclusive City Center’

The newly formed Hollywood LGBTQ Council is set to join the growing culture of diversity in Hollywood.

The group held its official launch party, the Hollywood Equality Connection, on April 24 at the Muse at the Circ Hotel on Young Circle.

The new council’s goals are to increase awareness of the LGBTQ community’s presence in Hollywood and to contribute to Hollywood’s revitalization initiatives.

The LGBTQ council’s mission statement describes getting local LGBTQ residents and entrepreneurs involved in “shaping the vision for a vibrant and inclusive city center.”

Thus, the LGBTQ Council hopes to bring forth new perspectives and ideas about the growth of Hollywood’s business sector.

“We all live here, and we all struggle with Hollywood’s slowness. We [the Hollywood LGBTQ Council] want to elevate the quality of life,” said member Clive Taylor.

There isn’t a major LGBTQ presence in Hollywood, but some LGBTQ-owned businesses are opening. A new gay sports bar is opening on Harrison Street.

To increase LGBTQ involvement, the Hollywood LGBTQ Council is partnering with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the Fort Lauderdale LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and Equality Florida.

In the past, members of the LGBTQ community have moved into previously run-down areas, like Miami Beach and Wilton Manors, in large numbers, helping create safe spaces, improve living conditions and drawing in new business.

“It’s just astounding,” said Taylor about the difference LGBTQ community members made in those cities.

The Hollywood LGBTQ Council thinks Hollywood can experience similar effects. The city has a rare intact historic business district and attractive homes along the intracoastal waterway, making it an ideal place for new growth.

For more information, call (954) 665-7002.

Ariana Boland
Ariana Boland
My name is Ariana Boland. I've lived in Hollywood, Florida my entire life and am currently a junior at McArthur High School. I'm the editor of the school newspaper, the "Mustang Spirit." I plan to pursue a career in marine and climate sciences and to use journalism to promote awareness of environmental issues.


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