Mighty Mechanical Mustangs Gear Up for a Competitive School Year

Mighty mechanical mustangs
Members of the Mighty Mechanical Mustangs or M3, the Robotics team at McArthur High School.

McArthur High School who love technology and robotics can join the Mighty Mechanical Mustangs (M3), an organization that gives students a chance to learn about the growing field of robotics and to work together to build and operate machines of their own design.

McArthur High School has one of the most successful robotics teams in Florida. 

Jasmari Fontanez, is vice president and captain of the business section of M3. “I am looking forward to the upcoming year and I think we have a good organization,” said Fontanez.

The Mighty Mechanical Mustangs will work on building a robot this year. This robot will be programmed to perform various tasks and will be entered into regional competitions.


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