Founded in 2001, Hollywood Gazette is Hollywood, Florida’s only free, community newspaper mailed directly to Hollywood’s most established neighborhoods and dropped at key locations monthly.

Editorial Excellence

We offer a blend of lifestyle features, fascinating Hollywood history, municipal news and neighborhood happenings.

Editorial is carefully selected to appeal to residents who care about their city.  We provide loyal readers with valuable information on neighborhoods, schools, municipal issues, community events, dining, art and culture, seasonal festivities and local businesses.

A comprehensive community calendar is designed to give the newspaper a 30-day shelf life.

The online supplement, e-newsletter and social media serve to further unite the community by giving our readership 24-hour access to articles, news, features, blogs and local businesses.


Hollywood Gazette is not only a community newspaper; we are a community builder. We connect people in Hollywood with resources to empower them in their lives and business pursuits.

We welcome input from anyone interested in sharing with us who lives or works in Hollywood.  Our community calendar of events is a resource where anyone can submit events for consideration to be included in the monthly print calendar. Your press release with a timely, Hollywood angle is always welcome.


We are mailed directly to 15,000 homes in Hollywood with an additional 10,000 issues distributed to locations throughout Hollywood to ensure we are widely available to anyone who is interested in learning more about their city.

Our entire issue is also available to read online each month.


We are a small, independent, privately-owned publication.  Our readers who patronize local advertisers make it possible for us to bring community news to people who live in and love Hollywood.


Meet Our Team

Jennifer Ann Love

Owner & Publisher

Jennifer is a creative entrepreneur who loves connecting and empowering the community. She started with the paper in 2006 and bought it in 2010.

Ivan Santiago

Account Manager


Tammy Soffer

Sales Director

Tammy has a passion for helping small businesses in Hollywood thrive.

Joyce Bluestein

Marketing Consultant

Joyce has over 20 years of experience helping small businesses grow through strategic marketing and advertising solutions.

Robin Kerr Drulard

Managing Editor

Robin Kerr Drulard is a writer and Licensed Florida Real Estate Agent, specializing in income-producing buildings in South Florida.  Her publishing background spans 40 years with multiple local national and international industry publications and expositions. She’s worked with Fairchild Publications, Advanstar Communications and Universal Press in New York, and Miami Herald and New You Magazines in Florida. Robin enjoys investing, teaching, art and volunteering. She is a loving family member and great friend.

Carlos Perez


David Volz


Ayslinn Cline

Assistant to the Publisher 

Ayslinn is an Astronomy student at Broward College. When she’s not studying or looking through a telescope, Ayslinn likes to tinker with computers and play with her dogs. Her work at the Hollywood Gazette is her first experience in publishing and she’s enjoying the learning opportunities the job has given her.